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How Generative AI is Changing the Phishing Game; and Where It Falls Short

Cyber breaches and attacks continue to make headlines each year, with larger impacts on the businesses hit. The rise of generative AI models has only made matters worse, as criminal groups can collaborate and create more realistic, stealthy attacks with ease.

To combat this, we must evolve our detection methodologies to keep pace with these advanced attack ecosystems. Traditional methods like catching grammatical errors are no longer enough. Instead, we need to leverage sentiment and behavioral analysis of messages and user accounts to identify potential threats. Since 2021, phishing attacks and its variants (vishing, pharming, etc.) account for just as many attacks as all other types of cybercrime combined, with no signs of slowing. Taking this new variable into account and the total volume of attacks that already exist, these advanced phishing campaigns are a top threat to watch moving forward.

But detection is only one part of the equation. It's also essential to train your employees on how to respond when things go wrong. Even the most advanced detection systems can be circumvented if employees are not trained to identify and respond to suspicious behavior. For example, in a recent attack on a well-known company, a convincing text message was sent to an employee that appeared to be from the IT department and verified by a compromised account on Slack. With proactive training about communication channels this threat could have been identified and stopped before any sensitive data was breached.

At ChainLynx Tech, we believe that a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy should include advanced detection methodologies and comprehensive employee training programs. With our help, you can stay protected in the age of generative AI models and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

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